Rayat Shikshan Sanstha’s

Karmaveer Bhaurao Patil College, Vashi, Navi Mumbai


Compliance Report for 2005 – 2006




Curricular Aspects


  1. Add-on Courses were started as per plan after obtaining necessary permissions from Mumbai University. Accordingly –
    1. Certificate course in Environmental Audit was conducted in which 30 students were enrolled. These students completed the course. 27 students out of these 30 successfully completed the course by passing end examination.
    2. Certificate course of Mumbai University in Accounts for Co-operative Societies and Trusts was conducted for commerce students. 25 students completed this course successfully. Commerce department also conducted certificate course of Mumbai University in Advertising and Sales Promotion. 18 students completed this course successfully.
    3. Foundation course for Yoga was conducted for which 15 students enrolled and successfully completed the course.
  2. Commerce Department also conducted other courses like (a) One-year Diploma Course Export-Import Management (b) One-year Diploma Course in International Logistic Management (c) Three Months’ Course on Personality Development of Indian Institute of Export-Import Management (d) Six Months’ Certificate Course in Export-Import management (e) C. S. Foundation Course (f) Course for C. A.  P. E. I and P. E. II of he Institute of Chartered Accountants of India.
  3. Our college conducted lectures for B. A., B. Com and M. Com of Institute for Distance Education of Mumbai University. Our college is a recognized center for coaching to these students.
  4. Strength of Yashwantrao Chavan Maharashtra Open University study center in our college reached to nearly 1800 in the year 2005-2006. Our study center conducts B. A., B. Com, B. Lib., M. Lib., M. B. A. courses of this Open University. The counseling classes are conducted on Saturday and Sunday.  
  5. Our vice-principals Prof. C. M. Langote (Mathematics Department) and Prof. H. V. Jadhav (Chemistry Department) were elected on Board of Studies for their respective subjects in Mumbai University.
  6. Prof. S. N. Jogdand worked as member of Academic and Financial Audit Committee for Biotechnology subject in Mumbai University. This committee was appointed to check smooth and fair functioning of colleges with respect to running or Biotechnology courses.
  7. Following faculty members have obtained recognition as Guide for (M. Sc. by Research) of Mumbai University and have registered students

                                i. Dr. N. B. Kadam Patil (Chemistry Department)

                              ii. Dr. R. J. Patil (Chemistry Department)

                            iii. Dr. D. B. Thakare (Microbiology Department)

  1. Following faculty members were invited as resource person in various colleges

                                i. Mr. H. V. Jadhav

                              ii. Dr. P. B. Patil

                            iii. Dr. N. B. Kadam Patil

                             iv. Dr. D. B. Thakare

                               v. Mr. S. N. Jogdand

                             vi. Dr. V. V. Mahamuni

                           vii. Mr. D. T. Shinde

  1.  Following faculty members attended seminars / workshops in the academic year 2005-2006.

                                i.Mr. C. M. Langote (Mathematics)

                              ii.Mr. H. V. Jadhav (Chemistry)

                            iii.Mrs. S. S. Patil (Chemistry)

                             iv.Mrs. S. M. Tandale (Chemistry)

                               v.Dr. L. V. Gavali (Chemistry)

                             vi.Dr. D. B. Thakare (Microbiology)

                           vii.Mr. M. E. Kishore (Microbiology)

                         viii.Mrs. R. P. Ghorpade (Microbiology)

                             ix.Mr. K. G. Tapase (Commerce)

                               x.Mr. V. A. Pawar (English)

                             xi.Mr. D. G. Dhage (Physics)

                           xii.Mr. S. P. Yadav (Physics)

                         xiii.Dr. V. V. Mahamuni (Economics)

                         xiv.Mr. D. G. Manolkar (Economics)

                           xv.Mr. B. R. Thorat (Librarian)

  1. Educational Visit was arranged by Microbiology Department for T. Y. B. Sc. students to Hyderabad. Students visited research institutes and industries like National Institute of Nutrition, Shantha Biotechnics etc. in December 2005.
  2. Students of T. Y. B. M. S. (Batchelor of Management Studies) visited Bangalore and Mysore for Industrial visit. There they visited Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore, Mysore Sandal Soap Industry etc.
  3. Result Analysis for 2005- 2006


Sr. No.


Number of Candidates appeared

Number of Candidates Passed

Percentage Result







F. Y. B. A





S. Y. B. A.





T. Y. B. A.





F. Y. B. Com.





S. Y. B. Com.





T. Y. B. Com.





F. Y. B. Sc.





S. Y. B. Sc.





T. Y. B. Sc.





B. M. S.





M. Com.





M. Sc. (Chemistry)





M. Sc. (Microbiology)





M. B. A. (Y.C.M.O.U.)





B. Lib. (Y.C.M.O.U.)





M. Lib. (Y.C.M.O.U.)





Note: Examinations of F. Y. / S. Y. are conducted by college on behalf of Mumbai University.

M. B. A. / B. Lib. / M. Lib. examinations are of Yashwantrao Chavan Maharashtra Open University, Nashik.





Infrastructure and Learning Resources


  1. Construction of ‘Tennis Court’ and ‘Basket Ball Court’ was completed as planned in the year 2005-2006. This facility will be made available to college students as well as other residents of Navi Mumbai.
  2. Renovation of auditorium and providing of up-to-date facilities on stage such as sound and light was done. Naming of this auditorium as “Barrister P. G. Patil Auditorium” and Inauguration of the same was done by the auspicious hand of Honorable Dr. N. D. Patil, Chairman of Rayat Shikshan Sanstha.
  3. Construction of extension counter for admission process was completed as planned in 2005-2006. This has reduced congestion of the office premises.
  4. Separate commerce laboratory was provided to commerce faculty as per their requirement.
  5. Repairs of ladies’ and gents’ toilet were done in 2005-2006 as per planning.
  6. Repairs of the drainage system were done for the college building for better disposal of liquid wastes.
  7. Office staff was deputed for training in automation of accounts and other office routine and to handle new communication system through website developed for daily information of the college activities to our head office at Rayat Shikshan Sanstha, Satara
  8. College had received ‘Grant for Young Colleges’ from U. G. C. under which extra expenditures (more than normal annual budget) could be made towards purchase of equipments and books worth Rs. 10 lac. 
  9. Examination Cell

                                i.            Examination cell of our college successfully implemented the scheme of synoptic answers (model answers) for F.T.E. and S.T.E. examinations at F. Y. / S. Y. level for B. A. / B. Com. / B. Sc.

                              ii.            Examination cell of our college in 2005-2006 has installed modern software for results of A. T. K. T. / F.T.E. / S.T.E. examinations.

                            iii.            Detailed analysis of results of F. Y. / S. Y. level for B. A. / B. Com. / B. Sc. examinations was done in 2005 -2006.

                             iv.            Centralized assessment and appointment of external moderators for different subjects was done as per university rules.

  1. Tutorials were made compulsory to all the classes of F. Y. / S. Y. level for B. A. / B. Com. / B. Sc.
  2. Parents’ meeting of defaulters (>50% or 100 absenteeism) was called at end of each term of the year for students at F. Y. / S. Y. level of B. A. / B. Com. / B. Sc. For third year students of B. A. / B. Com. / B. Sc. such parents’ meeting was called at end of the 1st term. 30 students of T. Y. B. Com. were refused university examination forms for their poor attendance (> 80% absentee). 6 students of T. Y. B. A. were refused university examination form for their poor attendance (>80% absentee).
  3. Remedial coaching scheme was implemented by commerce department and Mathematics department for weaker students and ATKT students.
  4. Expert Lecture Series was organized by Commerce department and Mathematics department for their T. Y. B. Com. students and T. Y. B. Sc. students respectively.    


 Seminars/ Workshops / Conferences / Refresher Course


  1. One day seminar was organized on the topic ‘From Natural Ecology to Industrial Ecology’ on 11th July 2005 in collaboration with ------ 30 teachers participated in the seminar. Following resource persons spoke on the occasion –

                                                              i.            Dr. Usha Mukundan (Principal, ZunZunwala College, Mumbai) – Natural Ecology

                                                            ii.            Prof. H. V. Jadhav (Head, Chemistry and Environment Department, K. B. P. College, Vashi) – Human Interference

                                                          iii.            Prof. S. N. Jogdand (Sr. Lecturer, K. B. P. College, Vashi) – Sustainable Development

                                                           iv.            Mr. N. Sadashivan – Industrial Ecology 

  1. Physics Department of our college organized one day state level seminar on 3rd December 2005 for teachers and students. The theme of seminar was ‘Century of Relativity’. The lectures of following renowned persons were arranged.

                                                              i.            Prof. Dr. Sureshchandra Gupta (Head, University Dept. of Physics – Keynote Address

                                                            ii.            Prof. Dr. Arvindkumar (Director, Homi Bhabha Center for Science Education) – Topic – Relativity of Einstein

                                                          iii.            Dr. R. K. Manchanda (Sr. Scientist, Tata Institute of Fundamental Research (TIFR), Mumbai) – Topic – Indian Multi-wavelength Astronomy Satellite

                                                           iv.            Dr. S. M. Chitre (Sr. Scientist, TIFR, Mumbai)

Thirty five teachers and forty students participated in the seminar. 

  1. On 24th February 2006, ‘Technology Enabled Interactive Workshop of Accredited Institutions in Maharashtra’ was conducted by Yashwantrao Chavan Maharashtra Open University (YCMOU), Nashik with financial support from National Assessment and accreditation Council, Bangalore. Over 900 colleges participated in this programme through 34 Virtual Learning Centers of YCMOU. At our college, group discussion was held with participation of 6 colleges on the topic ‘State Quality Assurance Cell – Its Role and Activities’. The programme was very successful and was first such an effort of online seminar in India with participation of many colleges.
  2. One-day workshop on “First Aid Training for Microbiology and Post-graduate Diploma in Medical Laboratory Technology (P. G. D. M. L. T.) was conducted in our college on 23rd February 2006)
  3. Lecture on ‘Nanotechnology’ was organized by Science association for this year’s inaugural programme. Prof. Dr. Arnab Bhattacharya (Department of Condensed Physics and Material Science, TIFR, Mumbai) delivered an interesting lecture on this topic. He gave stress on preparation and applications of super conductor lasers.
  4. Prof. S. P. Yadav presented a paper in the National Seminar on Materials for Advanced Technologies (NASMAT-2006) organized by Department of Physics, Shivaji University on January 23-25, 2006.
  5. Dr. R. J. Patil participated and presented a paper at UGC sponsored National Conference on “Recent Trends in Synthetic Organic Chemistry (RTSOC) organized by School of Chemical Sciences, North Maharashtra University, Jalgaon on 16th, 17th December 2005.
  6. Dr. L. V. Gavali presented a paper in conference in ‘Recent Trends in Synthetic Organic Chemistry (RTSOC)’ organized by School of Chemical Sciences, North Maharashtra University, Jalgaon on 16th, 17th December 2005.
  7. Prof. Y. A. Gaikwad presented a research paper “X-Ray Diffraction Studies of Schiff’s Base 4 – [2” – hydroxyl salicylidine 5’ – (2’thiazolazo)] Nitrobenzene in Two-day CSIR and UGC sponsored National Level Conference on ‘Recent Trends in Synthetic Organic Chemistry (RTSOC)’ organized by School of Chemical Sciences, North Maharashtra University, Jalgaon on 16th , 17th December 2005.
  8. Department of Psychology organized a guest lecture on ‘Applications of Psychology in every walk of life’ by Prof. Dr. Munawar Ali, Ex. Joint Director, Department of Higher Education, and Government of Maharashtra on August 26, 2005.
  9. Refresher Course – Following lecturers of this college did refresher course in 2005 – 2006 in their respective subjects.

                                                              i.            Mrs. Rajashree Ghorpade (Microbiology Department) did a (UGC sponsored) refresher course of Mumbai University on “Bioinstrumentation” at Ruia College, Matunga, Mumbai from 15th October to 6th November 2005.

                                                            ii.            Mr. K.S. Shinde (Microbiology Department) did a (UGC sponsored) refresher course on “Frontiers in Life Sciences” at Gujarat University, Ahemadabad from 2nd February to 22nd February 2006.

                                                          iii.            Mr. R. D. Mohite (Chemistry Department) did a (UGC sponsored) refresher course in Chemistry at Staff Academy College, Mumbai University from 9th December 2005 to 30th December 2005.

                                                           iv.            Mr. C. D. Bhosale (Commerce Department) did a (UGC sponsored) refresher course of Mumbai University on “Recent Trends in Commerce and Management” at S. I. W. S., Mumbai from 2nd January to 21st January 2006.

                                                             v.            Dr. R. J. Solomon (Psychology Department) did a UGC sponsored refresher course on “Educational Technology” at Bharatiyar University, Koimbatore from 13th March 2006 to 1st April 2006.

                                                           vi.            Mr. A. U. Hipparkar (English Department) did a UGC sponsored refresher course in English at Department of English of Pune University from 28th November to 18th December 2005.

                                                         vii.            Librarian Mr. B. R. Thorat UGC sponsored refresher course on ‘Information Technology for Libraries’ organized by Academic Staff College of University of Mumbai. 

  1. Prof. H. V. Jadhav worked as resource person and presented a paper on ‘Disaster Management’ on 28th January 2006 at K. J. Somaiya College, Vidyavihar, Mumbai.
  2. Prof. S. N. Jogdand was invited for guest lectures by Environment Science department of Pune University. He delivered 4 lectures on different topics of ‘Environmental Biotechnology’ to M. Sc. (Environmental Science) students.
  3. Librarian, Mr. B. R. Thorat, presented a paper in 50 th All India National Conference of ILA at Vadodara in Gujrath state.       


Extracurricular Activities


  1. Padmabhushan Dr. Karmaveer Bhaurao Patil State-level Quiz competition was organized in our college for Raigad region. Quiz competition was meant for senior college students. The programme was organized by Karmaveer Vidya Prabodhini unit of our college. 13 teams from nearby colleges participated in the event. The first three winners could participate in the Quiz competition Finals conducted at Satara.
  2. Miss Shubhangi Sapate and Miss Preeti Namdeo Pawar participated in Karmaveer Vidya Prabodhini’s state-level Intercollegiate Quiz competition and bagged the fourth prize in Raigad region.
  3. Miss Neeta Kulkarni (F. Y. B. Com.) won consolation prize in Late Freedom Fighter Savarkar Literary Elocution Competition held by Abasaheb Garware College, Pune, on 4th and 5th February 2006.
  4. Miss Neeta Kulkarni, Miss Sandhya Patil and Mr. Nitin Gore participated and won second prize in the intercollegiate quiz competition “Infinity” organized by R. JhunJhunwala College, Ghatkopar, Mumbai on 3rd September 2005.
  5. Miss Neeta Kulkarni (F. Y. B. Com.) got a prize in state-level intercollegiate poetry recitation competition held at Nashik on 23rd and 24th November 2005.
  6. Mr. Ramashankar Chaurasia, Miss Neeta Kulkarni and Mr. Atul Thorat participated and won consolation prizes in elocution competition organized by Government of Maharashtra’s Department of Health (Thane District) on the occasion of AIDS control programme during AIDS Control Week in December 2005.
  7. Our Art Circle participated in 38th Intercollegiate Competitions held by Mumbai University in July-August 2005 and bagged six prizes in various categories

                    i.            Mr. Sankedeek Mhatre for playing classical instrument ‘Mridung’

                  ii.            Miss Ranjana and Miss Taruna for ‘Mono-acting’ in Marathi and Hindi respectively

                iii.            Miss Sheetal and group for ‘Group Dance’

                 iv.            Miss Namrata Joglekar and Group for ‘Group Singing’

                   v.            Miss Chaitali Hadawale for ‘Elocution Competition’

  1. Mr. Atul Thorat (S. Y. B. A.) won first prize in state-level Essay Competition organized by Government on the topic of ‘AIDS’.
  2. Following students of our college participate in commercial theatre or are professional singers / musicians
    1. Mr. Ajay Parchure (T. Y. B. A.) (acts in commercial theatre)
    2. Miss Namrata Joglekar (F. Y. B. Sc.) (Professional Singer)
    3. Mr. Omkar Bhuvad (Professional Musician)
    4. Mr. Kushal Daware) (Professional Musician)


Extension Activities


Our college is regularly engaged in extension activities to help other schools, colleges, our Sanstha or society in general. Such outreach programmes may be carried out by our N. S. S. unit or by ‘Extension Activity’ wing. Community development, social work, health and hygiene awareness, medical camp, adult literacy, blood donation camp, AIDS awareness, relief fund collection, financial help to needy etc are various forms of activities conducted as extension activities.   

  1. In 2005 Maharashtra experienced worst flood ever. Many people suffered all over Maharashtra. Karmaveer Bhaurao Patil College, Vashi extended whole hearted help to flood-affected people. Utensils and Blankets were distributed to flood affected people in Navi Mumbai and Raigad region. Also Stoves for families and Notebooks for students were distributed to flood-affected people in Western Maharashtra (Satara and Sangli District).
  2. Students of our college helped in cleaning flood affected ‘Indira Nagar’ – slum area in Navi Mumbai after the devastating flood on 26th July 2005.
  3. Health check-up camp was also organized by our students for flood affected people of slum area in Navi Mumbai.
  4. Our college donated Rs. 1, 13,000/ - worth glassware and scientific apparatus to Shahu College, Kolhapur of Rayat Shikshan Sanstha.
  5. ‘Yuvati Melawa’ is celebrated in our college every year on Savitribai Phule Birth Anniversary. This year Hon. Smita Talwalkar, a well-known actress, producer, director of Marathi Cinema and Television serials was the chief guest. Vidya Bal, Editor of ‘Milun Saryajani’, founder member of Navi Mumbai Samta Manch delivered a speech on the occasion of Yuvati Melawa. As per our practice of last six years, on the occasion of ‘Yuvati Melawa’ we felicitated 11 women from Navi Mumbai area who have made substantial contribution in social, cultural, sports, entrepreneurial field etc. This is to recognize their work, honor them and encourage them. Such programme gives us a chance to put forth women role models I front of our students.    
  6. Microbiology Department provided guidance and laboratory help to teachers and students of R. F. Naik School and Sacred Heart High School in Navi Mumbai for their project (to be sent for National Children’s Science Conference on Environment Science). Mrs. R. P. Ghorpade rendered this help to teachers and students.
  7. N. S. S. unit of our college as usual carried out various social activities like ‘tree plantation’, ‘eye-check up camp’, ‘cleaning of Belapur Fort’, ‘AIDS awareness’ camp’, ‘anti-plastic rally etc. in addition to 10 days’ residential camp.
  8. Community extension Center of Karmaveer Bhaurao Patil College and ‘Stree Mukti Sanghatana’ of Navi Mumbai carried out literacy programmes for children of families below the poverty line in form of Balwadi (a school) in ‘Amrai Nagar’, Nerul of Navi Mumbai.




  1. Sanjeevani 2006 – Five Days’ exhibition cum seminar was held in our college for sales and information on Ayurvedic Treatments and other traditional therapies. Lectures of experts and sale of products was done in this exhibition. The sale cum exhibition event was organized by college in coordination with ‘Times Wellness’ and ‘Axion Events and Promotions’, Vashi, Navi Mumbai from 12th January to 16th January 2006.  
  2. Meeting was held of Life Member Board of Rayat Shikshan Sanstha in our college. These members were then taken to Dhirubhai Ambani Knowledge City which is nearby to the college to see modern developments in information technology area.


Notable Achievements


Hon. Dr. N. D. Patil, Chairman, Rayat Shikshan Sanstha and Chairman of Local Managing Committee of Karmaveer Bhaurao Patil College, Vashi, Navi Mumbai was conferred a D. Litt. Degree on 14th March 2006 by Shivaji University, for his remarkable contributions in the field of education and social field. Earlier he has been conferred D. Litt. Degree by Swami Ramanand Tirth Vidyapeeth, Nanded (1999) and Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Marathwada University (2000). Dr. N. D. Patil is the only person who has been conferred D. Litt. by three universities in Maharashtra.


  1. Principal Shri B. A. Patil received ‘Ideal Teacher Award’ from Government of Maharashtra for his significant contribution in educational and social field. The award was given at the auspicious hands of Hon. Chief Minister Shri Vilasrao Deshmukh on 5th September 2005. Deputy Chief Minister Mr. R. R. Patil also graced the occasion.
  2. Principal Shri B. A. Patil received Karmaveer Award for ‘Best Principal’ of Rayat Shikshan Sanstha. There are 40 colleges of Rayat Shikshan Sanstha amongst which he was judged as best administrator for his valuable contribution in development of the college.
  3. Principal Shri B. A. Patil also received ‘Navi Mumbai Bhushan Award’ given by Navi Mumbai Municipal Corporation for the best performance in academic field (Higher Education) in Navi Mumbai Area.
  4. Prof. Pujari V. B. has been awarded Ph. D. degree in Physics by Shivaji University, Kolhapur on 16th November 2005. His area of research is “Solid State Physics / Electronics” “This Film Photo-voltaic Radiation Detectors”. The title of his thesis is “Studies on Design and Fabrication of Radiation Detectors with Pseudo-binary Mercury-Cadmium Selenide Thin Films”. He worked for his doctoral degree under the guidance of Prof. L. P. Deshmukh (Head, Department of Physics (Applied Electronics), Sholapur University)




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