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Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC)




Curricular Aspects

  1. Add-on Courses of Mumbai University were started in 2005-2006 at Certificate level. In 2006-2007, along with continuation of these certificate courses for new batches, Diploma courses were started for students who had completed certificate course in respective stream. Accordingly,
    1. Certificate course in Environment Auditing was conducted in which 30 students were enrolled and 27 students completed the course successfully. For Diploma course 16 students were enrolled and 15 students completed the course successfully.
    2. Certificate course in Accounts for Co-operative Societies and Trust was conducted in which 25 students were enrolled and 23 students completed the course successfully. For Diploma course, 20 students were enrolled and 20 students completed the course successfully. Certificates to those who had completed the Certificate course were distributed in a special function.
    3. Foundation course in Yoga was conducted for which 15 students were enrolled and they completed the course successfully.
  2. Commerce Department also conducted other courses like (a) One-year Diploma Course in Export-Import management (b) One-year Diploma course in Logistic Management (c) Course in C. A. P. E. I and P. E. II, of the institute of Chartered Accountants of India.
  3. An optional paper titled “Computer Applications” was introduced for S. Y. B. Com. students.
  4. Our college is a recognized center for enrollment of students for Distance Education for B. A. / B. Com. / M. Com. We also conduct lectures for these students. This year the number of students enrolled was 700.
  5. Chemistry Department conducted practical for students of M. Sc. course under Distance Education Programme run by Madurai Kamraj University. Number of students enrolled for this purpose were 150.
  6. As per planning proposals were made for following new courses – (i) B. Sc. (Biotechnology) – 6 units (ii) B. Sc. (Computer Science) 6 units (iii) M. Sc. (Bioanalytical Sciences) (iv) Bachelor in Computer Applications (BCA) of S. N. D. T. Women’s University.
  7. Also proposals were made for additional batch for B. Sc. (IT), Computer Science at S. Y. B. Com. level, 10 more students for M. Sc. (Chemistry).
  8. Experts’ Lecture Series was organized by Arts department, Commerce department, Chemistry department, Physics department and Mathematics department for Final Year students of the B. Com and B. Sc. students of respective subjects.
  9. As many as 10 Guest lectures were arranged by Commerce Department on various topics like ‘Career in Air Transport and Hospitality Industry, Enterprise Resource Planning, Interview Techniques and Personality Development’, ‘Business Models’, ‘Automobile Dealership Management’, Career in Insurance’, ‘Art of Investing’ and ‘How To Face CAT and SET examination’, ‘Retail Management’, ‘Communication Skills’, ‘How To Conduct Market Survey’ etc. This was in addition to Expert Lecture Series which was arranged for T. Y. B. Com. students.
  10. Talent batch and Progressive batch were formed in B. A., B. Com. and B. Sc. classes for the final year students. Talent batch was for students who were expected to get higher scores in the University examination and Progressive Batch was made for those who were lagging behind in studies. Students from both these batches were given extra attention and coaching to improve their performance. Extra tests and solving of question papers was arranged for these talent batch and progressive batch.
  11. Following faculty members attended seminars / workshops in the academic year 2006-2007. (i) Mr. C. M. Langote (Mathematics) (ii) Mr. V. A. Pawar (iii) Mr. K. G. Tapase (Commerce) (iv) Dr. R. J. Patil (v) Dr. L. V. Gavali (Chemistry), (vi) Mr. B. S. Chiparikar (vii) Mr. A. U. Hipparkar (viii) Mr. P. G. Pawar (ix) Dr. V. V. Mahamuni (x) Mr. D. G. Manolkar (xi) Dr. D. B. Thakare (xii) Mr. D. T. Shinde (xiii) Mr. H. U. Mulla (xiv) Mr. S. N. Jogdand (xv) Mr. D. P. More (xvi) Mr. B. P. Pawar (xvii) Mr. R. D. Mohite (xviii) Miss T. G. Kale (xix) Mr. D. G. Dhage (xx) Mrs. S. S. Patil (xxi) Mrs. R. P. Ghorpade (xxii) Mr. S. M. Tandale (xxiii) Mr. S. B. Kale (xxiv)
  12. Result Analysis for 2007-2008 (Examinations held in March / April 2008)

Sr. No.


Number of Candidates appeared

Number of Candidates Passed

Percentage Result







F. Y. B. A





S. Y. B. A.





T. Y. B. A.





F. Y. B. Com.





S. Y. B. Com.





T. Y. B. Com.





F. Y. B. Sc.





S. Y. B. Sc.





T. Y. B. Sc.





B. M. S.





M. Com.





M. Sc. (Part I)





M. Sc. (Part II)





M. B. A. (Y.C.M.O.U.)





B. Lib. (Y.C.M.O.U.)





M. Lib. (Y.C.M.O.U.)





Note: Examinations for F. Y. / S. Y. are conducted by college on behalf of Mumbai University.

M. B. A. / B. Lib. / M. Lib. Examinations are of Yashwantrao Chavan Maharashtra Open University, Nashik.


Research and Academic Achievements of Faculty

1.      Prof. Mrs. S. S. Nayak while doing her research for Ph. D. at BARC, Mumbai presented a paper on “NisargRhun: A novel method for degradation of organic material” at 3rd International Conference on Environmental Science and Technology at Houston, Texas, USA on 6-9 August 2007.

2.      Prof. Mrs. Rajashree Ghorpade is selected for Ph. D. programme at Central Institute for Research on Cotton Technology, Mumbai. Her research is on “Efficiency of microbes in retting of Banana pseudo-stem to extract fibers”.

3.      Dr. V. B. Pujari received grant of Rs. 1 lac for one Minor Research Project from University Grants Commission and a grant of Rs. Twenty Five Thousands (Rs. 25,000 – 00) from University of Mumbai for second Minor Research Project.

4.      Prof. R. J. Solomon was awarded Ph. D. degree from International Institute for Population Studies (IIPS), Mumbai.

5.      Prof. P. G. Pawar submitted his Ph. D. thesis to University of Pune in October 2007.

6.      Prof. S. P. Yadav completed his M. Phil work in Shivaji University, Kolhapur.

7.      Prof. P. R. Gune has registered for Ph. D. in Yashwantrao Chavan Maharashtra Open University (YCMOU), Nashik.

8.      Following teachers got research grant for Minor Research Project for 2007 - 08, 2008 – 09.


Name of Lecturer




Dr. V. B. Pujari


Rs. 1, 15, 000 - 00


Dr. L. V. Gavali


Rs. 90, 000 - 00


Prof. Y. A. Gaikwad


Rs. 80, 000 - 00


Infrastructure Development and Learning Resources

1.      25 new computers were obtained for various computer courses. 

2.      Renovation of old DMLT laboratory has been done to make it suitable for conducting M. Sc. (Microbiology) practical and it has been used accordingly from 2006-2007. Work for development of Research Laboratory for Microbiology was competed.

3.      Since the building of the college is 25 years old, some repairs with respect to water-proofing and new electrification were necessary. This work was undertaken as per plan for classrooms.

4.      Garden in our college is well maintained and consecutively for last three years we are getting prize for ‘Best Garden’ in the category of Institutions from Navi Mumbai Municipal Corporation (NMMC).

5.      Renovation of Microbiology Laboratory Nagardas Prabhudas Tijoriwala’s Shri Ranchodraiji Temple Trust at Worli, Mumbai gave handsome donation of Rs. 20 lac for the development of Microbiology Research Laboratory in October 2006. Dr. Y. I. Sethana who is one of the trustees of this temple trust is a retired scientist from Life Sciences Department of Mumbai University and is interested to implement certain research projects in Microbiology related to ‘Nitrogen Fixation and Crop Improvement’. This donation could help us to purchase equipments worth Rs. 16 lac. Remaining Rs. 4 lac was spent on the modification of Microbiology laboratory. We have purchased equipments like (i) computer attached UV-Visible spectrophotometer (ii) PCR machine (iii) Ultrasonication machine (iv) Visible (only) spectrophotometer (v) Sensitive monopan balance (vi) Incubator-shaker (vii) BOD incubator (viii) Vacuum dryer etc. Apart from use of these equipments for research purpose, it has strengthened our Microbiology department. From June 2008 we are planning to start two courses (a) B. Sc. (Biotechnology) and (b) M. Sc. (Bio-analytical Sciences) which will also be possible with the new strengths of laboratory equipments.   


Seminars / Workshops / Refresher Courses Organized in College

  1. Karmaveer Bhaurao Patil College has been regularly carrying out seminars or workshops in various subjects every year. In academic year 2007-2008 our college had organized three seminars/conferences at National level. This includes National Seminar on “Commercialization of Biotechnology in India – Opportunities and Challenges” which was carried out in Sept. 2007. Experts from 12 industries were the resource persons. Seminar was a grand success and 311 participants from 47 colleges of Maharashtra and Gujrath (105 teachers, 198 postgraduate students and 8 industry representatives) attended this two day seminar.
  2. National Conference was held on “Physics of Semiconductor Devices and Smart Materials” as the theme in December 2007. This conference also had Poster presentation session along with the invited talks. 125 participants were present for this two day conference which included 40 who presented their research in form of posters.
  3. Two day conference was held on “Recent Trends in Industries and Chemical Education” by Chemistry department of our college in February 2008. Oral papers were presented in this conference.

Grants for Seminars -



Amount Rs.






Physics (2007 - 2008)

50, 000 - 00

65, 000 - 00


Chemistry (2007 - 2008)


55, 000 - 00


Microbiology (2007 - 2008)

50, 000 - 00

60, 000 - 00

  1. Two Days IT Festival – “Zeal” (The Next Rug of Technology) was organized by student of B. Sc. (Information Technology) on Jan. 28-29, 2008.
  2. One Day workshop on “Touch of Difference through Personality Development” was organized in collaboration with ICFAI National College, Vashi, Navi Mumbai. 223 students participated in the workshop.
  3. One Day seminar was conducted for CA students on 15th February 2008. About 270 students participated who were guided by over 20 Chartered Accountants from Navi Mumbai branch of CA Institute.


1.      Prof. S. N. Jogdand wrote a book titled “Entrepreneurship and Business of Bioechnology” which was published by Himalaya Publishing House, Mumbai in October 2007.

2.      Prof. S. N. Jogdand wrote a book on “Pharmaceutical Biotechnology” for Andhra University, which was published by Himalaya Publishing House, Mumbai in January 2008.

3.      Prof. S. N. Jogdand wrote two articles with titles “Impact of Biotechnology on Chemical Industry” and “Synthetic Biology” in Chemical Weekly in Nov.- Dec. 2007.

4.      Prof. Miss T. G. kale wrote number of articles in local Newspaper, including one on the topic “Status of Women in India in Comparative Perspective to The World”.

5.      Dr. L. V. Gavali published a research paper titled “ X-Ray Diffraction Study of 4-[2’hydroxy salicylidine-5’(2”-thiazolylazo)]Nitrobenzene in Journal of Indian Chemical Society, Volume 85 (February 2008).

6.      Prof. S. P. Yadav’s research paper titled as “Photoelectrochemical Properties of Spray deposited material thin film” was published in International Journal – Solar Materials and Solar Cell (SOLMAT). Paper is available online on Sciencedirect website from 26th October 2007.

7.       Prof. S. P. Yadav’s research paper titled as “Preparation and Properties of Spray-deposited nanoncrystalline material thin film” in International Journal – Journal of Physics and Chemistry of Solids. He paper was accepted on 15th December 2007.

8.      Dr. V. V. Mahamuni wrote an article on “Disposal of Solid Waste in Kolhapur City” which was published in a book titled “Green Productivity in Small and Medium Enterprises” of Concept Publishing Company< New Delhi.


Resource Person / Paper Presentation / Expert Lectures by Faculty

1.      Prof. K. G. Tapase went as a resource person for B. Com students at Veer Vajekar College, Funde in Raigad and C. K. T. College, Panvel.

2.      Dr. D. B. Thakare worked as a resource person at C. K. T. College, Panvel to guide B. Sc. students in Biochemistry subject.

3.      Prof. R. J. Solomon presented a paper titled “Psychological Risk and Protection – An Ecological Study of Adolescent Wellbeing” in Marathi Manasshastra’s 22nd Annual Conference at Raipur in 2008.

4.      Prof. R. J. Solomon presented a paper titled “Problem behaviour and Wellbeing of Adolescent Internet Users” at National Conference on Applied Psychology & Web World, Pondichery on Jan 5-6, 2008. He received Best Paper Award for this presentation.

5.      Prof. S. N. Jogdand went as a Guest lecturer in Biotechnology at –Tilak College, Vashi, to deliver lecture on “Entrepreneurship in Biotechnology” in Feb. 2008.

6.      Prof. S. P. Yadav did poster presentation “Effect of Calcination on Properties of ZnIn2Sen thin films” at ICAMA-2007 at Department of Physics, Shivaji University, Kolhapur on 15-17th November 2007.

7.      Prof. S. P. Yadav did poster presentation “Studies on Photoactive nanocrystalline material thin films prepared by spray pyrolysis at NC-PSDSM-2007 National Conference held by Department of Physics by K. B. P. College, Vashi, Navi Mumbai on 22-23 December 2007.

8.      Dr. V. B. Pujari presented two papers in Poster Presentation at National Conference on “Physics of Semiconductor Devices and Smart Materials” at K. B. P. College, Vashi, Navi Mumbai.

9.      Prof. P. R. Gune was invited for Guest Lecture at Ferguson College, pune and delivered lecture to T. Y. B. Sc. students on (1) Recombinant Vaccine Production and (2) Quality Assurance, SOP for Microbiological Industries.

10. Dr. D. B. Thakare went as expert lecturer to T. Y. B. Sc for the topic of Microbial Biochemistry at C. K. T. College, Panvel.

11.  Prof. D. M. Naigude worked as a resource person in Mathematics for One Day Workshop for Junior College Teachers (on Revised Syllabus of XIIth Science) held in K. B. P. College, Vashi

12. Prof. R. D. Mohite worked as a resource person  For B. Sc. students at Rajeev Gandhi College, Vashi and at Veer Vajekar College, Funde, Raigad.

13. Prof. L. V. Gavli presented a research paper on “Synthesis and Screening of Microbial Activity of Heterocyclic Azo-substituted Schiff Base“ in National Seminar at K. B. P. College, Vashi, Navi Mumbai on 16-17 February 2008.


Participation in Syllabus Designing by Faculty

  1. Dr. D. B. Thakare worked as a member of Maharashtra level P.G.D.M.L.T. syllabus revision committee appointed by M. S. B. T. E., Mumbai.
  2. Prof. S. N. Jogdand worked as a member of Syllabus Committee for B. Sc. (Biotechnology) of Mumbai University.
  3. Prof. A. U. Hipparkar worked as a member of Syllabus Designing Committee for S. Y. B.A. (Ancillary English).
  4. Prof. D. T. Shinde worked as a member of Syllabus Designing Committee for F. Y. B. Com class in the subject of Accountancy.
  5. Prof. B. P. Pawar functioned as Member of Syllabus Revising Committee for Poetry Reading Paper II at S. Y. B. A. in Mumbai University.


University Committees / University Appointments

  1. Prof. V. A. Pawar worked as Chairman of Flying Squad for smooth conducting of University Examinations in March/April 2008..
  2. Dr. D. B. Thakare worked as member of Flying Squad for smooth conducting of University Examinations in March/April 2008.
  3. Prof. A. U. Hipparkar worked on a committee to develop study material for “Reading Poetry” paper at S. Y. B. A. of Distance Education of Mumbai University.


Refresher Courses Done by Faculty

  1. Prof. P. R. Gune attended the Refresher Course At Academic Staff College,  Pune University from 04/10/2007 to 24/10/2007.
  2. Prof. K. S. Shinde attended a refresher course in Environmental Science in January 2008 at Goa.
  3. Prof. R. J. Solomon attended Refresher course in Psychology in December 2007 at Goa University.


Extracurricular Activities and Students’ Achievements

1.      Miss Priya Maruti Patil of F. Y. B. Com. showed remarkable performance in running and cross-country competition. She got Ist prize in 800 meters Running Competition and IInd prize in 1500 meters Running Competition held by Mumbai University. She got VIth position in Cross-Country competition. Priya Patil represented Mumbai University at National level Running Competition which was held in Andhra Pradesh and got IInd prize in the same.

2.      Mr. Vikas Arjun Gole of T. Y. B. Sc. participated in Karate Competition organized by Mumbai University an he go IIIrd prize in this competition.

3.      Mr. Vijay Damodar Shinde of S. Y. B. A. was selected in cricket team of Bank of Maharashtra.

4.      Mr. Hitesh Agrawal of S. Y. B. M. S. won first prize of Marketing Excellence in Academics by Samsika Marketing Co. Ltd.

5.      Sourabh S. Chinchpure (S. Y. B. M. S.) and Mr. Ragavendra Subnis (S. Y. B. M. S.) won First prize of Rs. 3000/- in ‘Share-E-Bazar’ contest organized by Swami Vivekanand College, Chembur.

6.      Mukesh Bhoir (T. Y. B. M. S.) and Nishikant Kadam (S. Y. B. M. S.) won First prize in ‘Share-E-Bazar’ contest organized by ICLES’ College, Vashi, Navi Mumbai.

7.      Students of our college participated in 12 different youth festivals organized by renowned colleges and organizations in Mumbai. This includes Youth Fest by Mumbai University, Indian National Theatre, Sakal Karandak, Mood Indigo by IIT Mumbai, Ruturang of Potdar College, Visions of SIES College, SIESONS of SIES College Nerul etc.  

Extension Activities

1.      With an aim to create awareness about importance of education in human life, “Karmaveer Marathon” was organized with the slogan “Run For Education” on the occasion of Birth Anniversary of the Founder of Rayat Shikshan Sanstha – Dr. Karmaveer Bhaurao Patil. More than 1500 students enthusiastically participated in the marathon.

2.      Extension work project activity of ‘Adult & Continuing Education’ of University of Mumbai was stared in our college from this year. 40 students have been enrolled of which 38 students had undertaken projects related to “Status of Women in Society”. Students completing the project get 10 grace marks under rule 0.229A of University of Mumbai.

3.      University Department had arranged UDDAN (Flying High) Festival in University campus at Kalina, Santacruz on 22nd January 2008. Our students actively participated in large number in this festival.

4.      Science Day was celebrated on 28th Feb. On the function held on 28th Feb. 2008, Hon. Dr. Kale from BARC delivered a talk on ‘Enrichment in Science’.

5.      N. S. S. as usual carried out many activities throughout the year and it included Pulse Polio camp, slide show on leprosy, street play on AIDS, tree plantation, anti-dowry speech etc. 10 days residential camp at Gavan, near Panvel. Repair of road, construction of small bandhara etc were carried out as part of shramdan during this camp.

6.      Rojgar Melawa (Employment Camp) Employment camp was organized by Karmaveer Bhaurao Patil College, Vashi, Navi Mumbai in collaboration with District Employment Center of Government of Maharashtra on 7th September 2007. 27 industries including Mahindra & Mahindra, Reliance Life Insurance, Ideal Road builders, Bharat bijalee, Mukund Ltd. etc. participated in this camp to recruit salesmen, chemists, accountants, insurance agents, peons etc. for their establishments. 1800 candidates were interviewed and selected during the camp.  

7.      Balwadi School was started for children of slum dwellers (rag pickers) near Vashi Railway Station, Navi Mumbai. On 14th November, ‘Children Day’, toys were distributed to children in this slum area balwadi.

8.      Balwadi is also run in Amrai Nagar, Sector 8, Nerul (adopted by college) for slum children. 32 children enrolled their names in this balwadi school. Mayor of Navi Mumbai Hon. Manisha Bhoir and Jyoti Mhapsekar of Stree Mukti Sanghatana were present on the occasion of inauguration.

9.      Study classes are conducted in the area of Indira Nagar (adopted by college) for primary section. The members of Community Extension Services: Mehul Jadhav, Manisha Bandgar did the survey of the area. They also conduct classes for children in the evening. Children from 1st to 4th enrolled their names for these study classes.

10. Yuvati Melawa was organized as per each year’s practice in our college on 3rd January 2008 to commemorate the birth anniversary of Savitribai Phule. Chief Guest for this function was Elizabed Kauffman of American Consulate. While interacting with students Elizabed Kauffman Madam narrated experience that USA has one through in the initial period of women education in that country.   Competitions of salad decoration, flower arrangement, ‘best from waste’ were organized. Lecture on Yoga and Nutrition was organized on the occasion. Ten outstanding women from various fields like education, social service, science etc. were felicitated as per the practice.

11. Mahila Melawa was organized on 8th March 2007 on International Women Day. The Rag pickers Mahilas were present in large number. Hon. Mrs. Vijayatai Wad and Mrs Saravate were the Chief Guests.

12. As part of community extension services medical Check-up and Eye-check-up camps were organized for rag picker women in Navi Mumbai

All these activities help to inculcate values of Nationality, Humanity, Equality, and Respect to women amongst the students.

Lead Role in Ashram Shala Project

Karmaveer Bhaurao Patil College has taken active role to support the education of Adivasi (tribal) students in 6 Ashram Shalas started by Rayat Shikshan Sanstha in Jawhar, Mokhada, Nashik, Ahmadnagar and Nandurbar. Although certain grants are available for running of these Ashram Shalas funds are not sufficient to meet the expenses. Chairman Hon. Dr. N. D. Patil has started ‘Dattak Palak Yojana’ in which one can donate Rs. 5000/- to meet yearly expenses of one student. Staff of our college collected donation of Rs. 5,50,000/- to meet expenses of 111 adivasi students. We have decided to continue our efforts in this direction in future to support this scheme.


Healthy Practices

1. Legal Literacy Programme

As per the planning done last year, One-day Legal Literacy Workshop was organized by Women Forum of college in collaboration with Yashwanrao Chavan Pratishthan Legal Aid Forum. Legal advise was given by advocates of Pratishthan. It was inaugurated by High Court Judge Hon. Deshpande. Students participated in the workshop which helped them to increase awareness in students about legal aspects.

2. Campus Interview and Placement 

Every year some students get jobs in the offices of some employers who approach for recruitment purpose. This year more concerted efforts were made through a systematic placement cell which took care of campus interviews and placement services. The result was so good that as many as 116 students got placement in various companies.


Name of Company

Date of Interview

Number of Candidates Appearing for Interview

Number of Candidates Selected







Tata Consultancy Services (TCS), Vikroli, Mumbai


250 (B. Com. / B.M.S. / M. Com.)



Housing Development Finance Corporation (HDFC) Standard Life Insurance, Vashi, Navi Mumbai


10 (B. Com. / B.M.S. / M. Com.)








Nelito Systems Ltd., Mumbai





ICICI Prudential Life Insurance





INC-ICFAI College, Navi Mumbai.





Hindustan Times (HT Media Ltd.)








Notable Developments

Ambient Air Quality Monitoring Laboratory: Maharashtra Pollution Control Board (M.P.C.B.) carries out monitoring of air quality all over Maharashtra. With new policy of M. P. C. B., they have started outsourcing of this activity to colleges in respective area. In Navi Mumbai Karmaveer Bhaurao Patil College has been selected to carry out ambient air quality monitoring work for M. P. C. B from November 2007. This is Rs. 30 lac contract for work over a period of three years. There are six air monitoring stations located in Navi Mumbai. At these stations M. P. C. B. has installed air samplers. Our college carries out sampling of air at these stations for 24 hours a day. These samples are further analyzed by our laboratory. Reports are sent to M. P. C. B. by internet. College has recruited 6 students for air sampling work on field and has employed two students for analysis work in the laboratory. All these students get monthly salary between Rs. 4000/- to Rs. 5000/-. We have tried to give jobs to our own students who have completed graduation in chemistry. Apart from generating some income for our college, this activity provides temporary jobs to our own students and gives opportunity to staff to learn and contribute to this activity of public interest. Such programmes are going to be useful to college to increase its linkages with other organizations.


Notable Achievements

Hon. Dr. N. D. Patil Chairman of Rayat Shikshan Sanstha and Chairman of Local Managing Committee of Karmaveer Bhaurao Patil College was honoured with “Maharashtra Foundation Life-time Achievements Award” at the hands of Hon. Smt. Mrunal Gore and hon. Shri Sunil Deshmukh in presence of Dr. Jabbar Patel.


Dr. V. B. Pujari (Department of Physics) was awarded the State Level Ideal Teacher Award by Apurva Abhinav Vidyapeeth, Mumbai at the auspicious hands of Hon. Shri Siddharam Mhetre, State Home Minister, Government of Maharashtra.




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